Catering For a Wedding Reception At Home

Did you know that even if you’re having your wedding reception at home, you can still hire a catering company?

Today, a lot of couples decide to get married elsewhere and then host a reception for their native friends and family when they go back home. Other budget couples are cutting the cost of their special day by hosting the ceremony and reception at their residence or the residence of a family.

Whatever your reason, holding your reception at home doesn’t mean you can’t properly serve your guests. Additionally, it does not imply that you must prepare, serve, and clean up after the meal.

Logistics for Catering a Home Reception

Consider the space to decide how to serve your guests before planning your wedding catering menu for a reception at your home.

In order to provide a large, open space for your guests to gather as well as to keep food off your carpet and furnishings, many couples set up the food on tables in the backyard. If you intend to arrange your reception in this manner, make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

The option of distributing the food throughout the house is another one you might take into account. Think about placing a station for drinks and finger foods next to your front entrance. In this manner, when visitors arrive, they can easily grab a snack and a drink. A passed starter setup with servers moving about is another option. In the kitchen or dining area, arrange a buffet for the main course.

A plated supper is another option if you want to go a little more formal.

Ideas for a Home Reception’s Wedding Catering Menu

Depending on how you prefer to serve the food, create your wedding catering menu accordingly.

Consider using a theme if you’re planning a buffet-style setup. A BBQ in the backyard or think of setting up chefs’ stations where guests can taste different dishes throughout the property.

Coordinate with your catering company to create the menu so that the food at your at-home wedding reception is everything you’ve imagined. They can offer suggestions based on your spending limit and the practicalities of the venue.

Select Your Wedding Catering Company Early

Get your wedding caterer booked as early as you can if you’re having an at-home reception. If you choose Golden Horca, we can assist you in organising a lot of the duties related to hosting a wedding celebration.

No matter the location you select for the wedding reception, we are dedicated to making it stress-free. You can be confident that we will execute that because we manage more than 300 weddings every year.

In Kerala or the Middle East, we would love to create the ideal menu for you and your guests to enjoy. We pride ourselves on serving high-quality food at reasonable pricing. For more information on wedding catering for your next reception, to seek an estimate or to attend a tasting, get in touch with us right away.

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